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omplete Guide to Dongas

What are Dongas? Your Complete Guide to Dongas

In Western Australia, the challenges of setting up infrastructure on remote work sites are significant. Traditional construction methods often fall short in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and cost.

Enter dongas—the ultimate solution to these challenges. These transportable buildings, with their unique design and adaptability, have become a staple for many industries operating in remote areas of Western Australia.

What is a Donga?

A donga is an Australian slang term that refers to a modular transportable building often used in remote areas. They’re commonly found in Australia, especially in the mining/construction industries.

Aside from serving as practical workspaces, dongas offer rapid installation and are a cost-effective alternative to traditional structures, making them a preferred choice for many industries venturing into remote Western Australian terrains.

Why are they called Dongas?

The term ‘donga‘ has roots in the Indigenous languages of Southern Africa, primarily used to describe a gully or ravine formed by water erosion. Over time, as English-speaking settlers interacted with the local Indigenous communities, the term was adopted and eventually came to Australia. In the Australian context, it was repurposed to describe these transportable buildings, perhaps because of their initial use in gully-like mining areas or their resemblance to elongated ravines.

What is a Donga Used For?

Dongas play a pivotal role in various industries due to their flexibility and convenience. For industries like mining or construction, dongas provide essential facilities for workers. Their modular design allows for easy expansion, making them adaptable to the changing needs of a project. Moreover, they reduce the environmental impact typically associated with traditional building methods.

Modular donga in remote setting

Typical Uses for a Donga

  • Construction / Mine Sites: Site offices, lunch rooms, laundry rooms, ablution blocks, medical huts, kitchens, and shower facilities.
  • Commercial Uses: Storage facilities, office buildings, kiosks/ticketing booths, accessible toilets, and display suites.

How are Dongas Built?

Donga construction process

Dongas are primarily manufactured off-site in a controlled environment. This approach ensures that the construction process is streamlined, and efficient, and adheres to stringent quality standards.

Once the dongas are built off-site, they’re delivered and positioned on-site. Here at Instant Transportable Offices, we pride ourselves on offering modern design standards and finishes for all our dongas. The fundamental principle behind these transportable buildings is their mobility and adaptability, allowing them to cater to a broad range of needs and environments.

How Have Dongas Evolved Over Time?

Historically, dongas were rudimentary structures, fulfilling the basic need for shelter in remote locations. As technology and construction methods advanced, so did the design and functionality of dongas. The dongas we offer are more than just makeshift modular buildings; they come equipped with amenities like air conditioning, plumbing, and insulation. From simple metal or wooden boxes, they’re transformed into sophisticated modular buildings and offices, adaptable to various environments and purposes.

Cyclonic Safety Compliance in Dongas

In recent times, there’s been a heightened emphasis on ensuring dongas can withstand the most severe cyclonic conditions.

Such dongas are meticulously designed, taking into account the wind loadings of their intended location. Post-manufacturing, their placement and anchoring, especially in cyclonic areas, require precise ‘tie down’ to suitable concrete footings. These footings are designed by qualified structural engineers. At Instant Transportable Offices, we prioritise safety, offering buildings that meet these rigorous cyclonic standards while emphasising the importance of proper anchoring and adherence to the Building Code of Australia.

Key Benefits of Dongas

  • Cost-Effective: Often more affordable than traditional construction, especially for short-term use.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of applications and can be adapted effortlessly to different needs.
  • Durability: Constructed to withstand various conditions, dongas are particularly resilient in remote and harsh cyclonic-prone environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Modifiable: Can be tailored to specific needs, from layout to amenities.
  • Speedy Construction & Setup: Rapid deployment means they can be set up and functional in a short time frame, making them ideal for urgent needs or projects with tight deadlines.
  • Safety: Built to uphold the National Code of Australia, our dongas prioritise the safety and well-being of their occupants.

How to Choose the Right Donga

Selecting the ideal donga involves considering various factors to ensure it meets your requirements. Here are some guidelines to help assist you:

  • Purpose of Use: Determine the primary function of the donga, be it for an office space, storage, or ablution block. This will also guide the size and features needed.
  • Budget: While dongas are cost-effective, prices can vary based on features and size.
  • Amenities & Features: Decide on the essential amenities like air conditioning, plumbing, and insulation. Depending on which donga you choose, some offer additional features for added comfort.
  • Location & Environment: Consider where the donga is placed. If it’s in a cyclone-prone area, ensure it adheres to the respective safety standards.

Need Help Choosing the Right Donga?

donga as a modular office space

Dongas have proven to be invaluable assets in various industries and settings. If you’re seeking a modular office space, a flexible commercial building, or a modifiable modular building, dongas are your answer.

Ready to explore the best in transportable buildings? Browse our range of dongas for sale and discover how Instant Transportable Offices can elevate your modular building experience. 

For those in need of a demountable building, Instant Transportable Offices offers a range of dongas for sale, combining modern design with functionality to meet diverse needs. Visit us at 18 Rogers Way, Landsdale WA 6065 or call our Perth team on +61 (0) 8 9406-6600 for expert advice and 24/7 customer support.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a donga?

A donga is a modular transportable building often used in remote areas of Australia, particularly in industries like mining and construction. They are known for their rapid installation and cost-effectiveness.

Why are they called dongas?

The term originates from the Indigenous languages of Southern Africa, referring to a gully or ravine. It was adopted in Australia to describe these transportable buildings, possibly due to their initial use in mining areas or their elongated shape.

What are dongas used for?

Dongas serve various purposes, including site offices, lunch rooms, ablution blocks, and storage facilities, among others. They are valued for their flexibility and convenience in remote locations.

How are dongas built?

Dongas are manufactured off-site in a controlled environment to ensure quality, efficiency, and adherence to standards. They are then delivered and positioned on-site, ready for use.

How have dongas evolved over time?

Initially simple structures, dongas have evolved into sophisticated modular buildings equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, plumbing, and insulation, thanks to advancements in technology and construction methods.

What safety standards do dongas comply with?

Dongas designed for cyclonic areas are built to withstand severe conditions, adhering to the Building Code of Australia and ensuring safety through proper anchoring and structural engineering.

How to choose the right donga?

Consider the purpose, budget, required amenities, and the environmental conditions of the location. Ensure the donga meets safety standards, especially if it’s to be placed in cyclone-prone areas.



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