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Portable Dongas cater to your immediate operational needs without the wait or expenses of traditional construction. When swift, economical solutions are paramount, our portable Dongas emerge as the perfect answer. Instant Transportable Office’s portable Dongas are available for both purchase and rental.

Every unit we offer is constructed adhering to the stringent guidelines of the National Construction Code, ensuring energy efficiency standards and compliance with every installation.

Our Dongas offer flexibility through a variety of sizing options, with units ranging from 3.6 Metres x 3 Metres to 14.4 Metres x 3 Metres. View our full range of sizes here.

No matter where you’re located in Western Australia, count on Instant Transportable Offices for timely delivery to your site. Our logistics network and dedicated team ensure a seamless process, keeping your project on track from order to installation.

Browse our Portable Dongas Range

  • 7149-3.6x2.4-OFFICE-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 3.6×2.4m , OPEN PLAN

    Asset No: 7149
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  • Site Office 7015-3.6x3-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 3.6 x 3m

    Asset No: 7015
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  • 7150-4.8x2.4-OFFICE-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 4.8×2.4m , OPEN PLAN

    Asset No: 7150
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  • Site Office 7044-4.8x3-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 4.8 x 3m

    Asset No: 7044
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  • 7151-6.02.4-OFFICE-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 6×2.4m , OPEN PLAN

    Asset No: 7151
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  • 7004-6x3-site-office-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 6m x 3m

    Asset No: 7004
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  • Site Office 7020-6x3-2Room-Layout-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 6m x 3m, 2 ROOM LAYOUT

    Asset No: 7020
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  • 7041-6x4m-Site-office-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 6m x 4m

    Asset No: 7041
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  • Site Office 7101-7.20x3.0-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 7.2m x 3m

    Asset No: 7101
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  • Site Office 7019-8.4x3-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 8.4m x 3m

    Asset No: 7019
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  • Site office 7010-9.6x3.0-3DV


    Asset No: 7010
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  • Site Office 7011-9.6x3-3DV

    SITE OFFICE – 9.6m x 3m, 2 ROOM LAYOUT

    Asset No: 7011
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Cyclone-Resilient: The Strength of Our Portable Dongas

Every portable Donga we offer can be modified to reliably endure the harshest cyclonic conditions prevalent in Australia, extending even to offshore locations across the Asia-Pacific. Featuring engineer-design cyclonic specification floor systems, Endurotruss Steel framed roofs as well as Galvanised steel top/bottom plates to walls, to name only a few measures of durability Instant Transportable Office Dongas utilise. We meticulously innovate and adjust specifications to ensure our products reflect the latest in absolute resilience for cyclonic territories.

Beat the Heat with Superior Insulation

Our Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP) are your shield against Australia’s intense weather conditions, ensuring comfort all year round. Unlike outdated plywood constructions, SIP offers robust insulation with minimal maintenance, reducing both initial and long-term costs through energy savings efficiency. All of these benefits, combined with the added sustainability, fast assembly and flexibility for design creates a market-leading product.

Unbeatable Value

Opting for our portable Dongas signifies a wise financial decision whether for purchase or rental, by dealing directly with the manufacturer. Our lower costs, combined with the internal fit-outs, plumbing and air conditioning services present Instant Transportable Offices as the premiere choice for value across WA businesses.

Assured Safety and Comfort

Our transportable buildings Perth are constructed to a rigorous quality standard, embodying a haven of safety and comfort for its occupants. This commitment to quality becomes vital amidst the harsh conditions of rural WA’s mining territories.

The steel-framed construction not only pledges a safe and comfortable environment during extreme conditions, but serves as a testament to our dedication towards delivering excellence in every structure.

Seamless Solutions Whether You Rent or Buy

Choosing to rent or buy, with Instant Transportable Offices, is a smooth journey from start to finish. Our commitment to superior quality guarantees an exceptional portable office, tailored to meet your exact needs.

Constructed with a focus on safety, durability, and ease of use, through our purposeful arrangement of high quality building components, a finish only achievable through rigorous attention to detail. 

For reliable and immediate workspace solutions suited to both short and long-term needs, Instant Transportable Offices is your preferred choice.

With a rich legacy of over two decades spanning thousands of successfully completing projects, Instant Transportable Offices has established itself as a credible, distinguished leader in the Western Australian portable office industry.

Looking for More Information on Our Portable Dongas For Sale in Perth?

Feel free to submit an online enquiry, and a member of our team will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours to discuss your needs. Alternatively, you can directly contact our Perth office at (08) 9406 6600.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Donga?

A Donga is a portable building unit, widely utilised in Australia, especially in remote or rural areas for various purposes including offices and other functional spaces.

How Quickly Can I Have a Portable Donga Delivered to my Site?

Upon finalising the order, our efficient process ensures swift delivery to your site. The exact delivery timeframe may vary based on the modification, location, and availability, but we strive to meet urgent requirements with a streamlined delivery from our warehouse in Perth and on-site installation process.

How Do I Know Which Donga Size or Design is Right For My Site?

The right Donga size or design depends on your specific needs and site conditions. Our experienced team can guide you through the selection process, considering factors like the intended use, site space, and budget, to find a solution that aligns with your requirements.

Are Your Dongas Insulated for Harsh Weather Conditions?

Yes! Our Dongas are designed with superior insulation to provide a comfortable interior despite harsh weather conditions. Whether facing the intense heat of the Australian sun or the cold of a desert night, the insulation ensures a pleasant indoor environment.

How are Your Dongas Transported and Installed?

Our Dongas, available for sale in Perth, are crafted for seamless transport and setup. We manage every aspect of delivery, placement, and installation at your location, guaranteeing a smooth transition from purchase to use.

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