Delivery and installation of our projects onsite is the second most important part of the overall process other than the manufacturing itself. We prefer to handle this process to ensure that your new building does not suffer any damage during transit but more importantly to position, level and commission the building correctly and in accordance with the required standards.

Often the delivery and installation process includes ancillary works such as footing installation, the addition of verandahs, decks and also ramps, handrails and access systems. All of this work is part of what we do every day to deliver complete solutions to our customers needs. There is substantial cost and time advantages to having us as a registered builder handle the project to completion. The complexities of approvals after completion before you can occupy your new building are easily managed by us and we strongly recommend including all of this work in our project scope.

Delivery of buildings once completed in production usually occurs within days providing your site is ready and that any necessary approvals are in place. With our transport contracts we can ensure immediate availability of resources to deliver your completed building to you without delay.

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