Approval Services

Instant Transportable Offices can provide a complete turnkey solution to your project needs by handling all local authority approvals on your behalf.

Delivery & Onsite Setup

Delivery and installation of our projects onsite is the second most important part of the overall process other than the manufacturing itself.

Custom Designs

Instant Transportable Offices specialises in turning client ideas into reality no matter what the project may be. Custom designs are easily accommodated with our unique and streamlined manufacturing processes.

Buy Store Sell

With thousands of visitors to our website every month let alone our customer base built over the past 13 years, we’re well placed to help you quickly dispose of your unwanted transportable buildings.

Service Connections

As a part of offering a total project solution to our customers the connection of services to your new building can easily be co-ordinated by us.

Interior Finishes

Possibly one of the most important areas of a project to get right are the finishes used for the internal areas of your building.