The exterior style and finish on your building can be completely customised to suit your project needs. There are no limitations to the finishes we can use on our portable buildings. In many cases it’s very easy to take a standard portable building and add levels of finishes to change it’s appearance entirely.

With our unique construction systems we have the ability to cost effectively produce attractive portable buildings that don’t look like they’ve come straight from a mine site. Of course not everyone may want the same level of finish and that’s why the options are completely flexible. There are no limitations to what we can use on the external surfaces of our portable buildings.

Building that we manufacture from our SIP construction system will be finished in a colorbond surface on the outside. The colour can be chosen from the standard range for this wall panel product. Not all colorbond colours are available for your SIP wall panels so be sure to ask for help selecting the colours for your building.

To change the appearance of buildings we use what we typically refer to as ‘claddings’. These can be installed over SIP panel walls and steel stud framed walls to produce a completely different look and style for your building. Some of the more popular finishes our customers choose for their projects are

Weathertex Timber Weatherboards
Weathertex Architectural Panels
James Hardie Claddings
Colorbond Wall Cladding
Rightwood, Duroclad & Selekta

Each product type has its own benefits and of course comes at varying costs. You should talk to a member of our team for information specific to your particular project and how can help create a unique look for your building.

On most projects you’ll be able to choose a colorbond colour for the roof trims of your building and for some projects you’ll also be choosing roofing, gutters and downpipe colours from the colorbond range. Changing the colours of these items is a great way to help contrast the building to match into it’s surroundings.

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