Modular Offices are not just ordinary transportables
Protect your investment.. purchase a portable building that can be expanded on in any direction anytime in the future.
Up, down, left or right, our unique portable modular construction system can cater to your needs.  Invest in a portable building solution that you know can be expanded on easily and cost effectively anytime in the future.
Our transportable office buildings have been engineered by our design team with superior strength and manoeuvrability. Our portable office buildings are available for sale or hire and offer many advantages when compared with traditional transportable offices.

Protect your investment and have your building built in our modular format.
• All units are stackable – now or in the future
• Lifting points are built in for easy movement.  Transport and tie downs on trucks, trains, barges or ships is a breeze
• Forklift pockets are incorporated into all of the unit floor bases (except tank mounted toilets/ablutions)
• Insulated floors – for energy efficiency
• Insulated walls
• Solid steel roof with insulation for energy efficiency
• Fast production times for custom layouts
Our range of standard designs are below. Custom layouts are easy and we’ll do the design work for you. Our turn around time is days, not weeks or months.

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