Integrated Waste Tank Technology

Integrated Waste Tank Technology

Why do this?

Wasting time to set up onsite with cranes, connection of sewer drains to tanks, installing steps and landings?

When you can have a fully integrated waste tank and only one step off the ground!

  • No plumbing to the waste tank required onsite
  • No extra steps to set up
  • Reduced overall height for access
  • Reduced slips and trip hazzards
  • Quick installation onsite – saving you money
  • Ideal for units which move locations often

The onsite setup costs for our units are virtually eliminated as once the unit is placed onsite, water can be connected and then the unit is operational. No plumbing works or installation of steps/landings are required.

We also offer completely self contained units that are solar powered and provide their own fresh water storage facilities. These offer a solution which can be placed virtually anywhere.

Our unique transportable floor and waste tank design offers many benefits to the end user. Here are some of the benefits of our product:

  • Tilt-tray winching points and certified crane/ hiab lifting points are built into each floor. Allowing complete flexibility for movement during transport and whilst on site
  • One step access – we’ve eliminated the 1m high floor level of the buildings when you use a separate waste tank and sit it under a transportable. Our units are one step off the ground
  • Hinged steps are included with our floor, saving on setup time and transport costs
  • No onsite plumbing work connecting toilet pans/basins into a waste tank-we’ve eliminated all of this
  • Low ground level access reduces slips/trips /falls on steps/landings – especially when water is involved
    No expensive cranes needed onsite to lift your toilet block on top of a waste tank
  • Reduced transport costs – you’re not pa!:Jing for truck space to transport a separate waste tank and step/landing Systems
  • Our waste tanks are WA Health Department approved
  • We’ve engineered our transportable floor/waste tanks to allow for easy movement just like an!:J of our transportable buildings