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Energy Efficiency for Commercial buildings

The requirements of the BCA (Building Code of Australia) relating to energy efficiency represent the minimum acceptable building standards as determined by wide consultation with governments, industry and the community. These minimum acceptable standards once contained in the BCA are applicable to all new buildings.

For completely new buildings, the application of the BCA is straightforward as it is applicable to all aspects of the construction. For new building work associated with an existing building, the BCA is generally only applicable to the new building work, to those parts of the building directly affected by the new building work or to those parts where the building's use is being changed.

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The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and your project

The DDA legislation is here to stay and it’s Law.    It is law and requires that a person with a disability has the right to access places used by any member of the public.    

So how does this affect your new building or project?  

All new building works or in the case of transportable buildings any building that is placed on a site and is the subject of a building permit  will be required to meet the revised standards covered in AS1428.1-2009 which are directly related to the DDA.   This can pose a number of problems for the project owner.

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